Welcome to the exhibition website for Rurban, the 9th incarnation of Studio 2 at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. This year Studio 2 addresses Suburbia as a key territory for understanding and exploring the transformations of the future. Please visit our Ning for the latest updates


Three Lexica:

  • Rurban Lexicon :: Some terms of interest for the studio building on last year's work.
  • Colexicon :: Terms of interest based on our studies of Colombes.

Walking as a Tool


Relational Mapping

Scenario Mapping


Individual Projects

Ariadna Aston

Rebecca Hinckley

Jayne Hogan

Juliet Sakyi-Ansah

Aditi Saxena

Jonathan Shaw

Joao Lung

Natalie Lunt

Robert Mawson

Hannah O’Boyle

Miles Phillips

Emma Wood

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