Asphalt Nation

"One third of the miles we travel go to consumption and family chores. A bottle of milk, a tube of toothpaste, a Little League game, taking grandma to the hospital or Junior for eye glasses spin the miles. The ministuff of life clogs the nation's roads. Another third falls under the 'social and recreational' category. These are the hours of amusement and frienship reached by the wheel; a workout, a movie, a finner. Total these lifestyle choices…and we have covered two-thirds of our driving miles, more than half of the ten to twelve thousand miles of travel per car per year."

- Jane Holtz Kay, "Asphalt Nation: How the automobile took over America and how we can take it back"

So these are the tasks that we use our cars for but what consequence has this had on the landscapes that surround us and the associated architecture that has emerged? This image begins to shows some influences the car has had.

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