Rebecca Hinckley

FIELD to FORK aims to reconnect the consumer to their meat, by unveiling the journey that meat takes to reach our plate.

Considering aspects such as;
What are we eating?
Where is it from?
How did it reach our plate?

Field to Fork is a cooperative organisation, which allows direct farmer to consumer sales, considers the welfare of the animal and aims to reduce food miles using the railway as a more sustainable mode of transport and a more direct route. The project reveals the process of meat through the interplay of routes between the consumer and the meat itself. An educational project which aims to re- teach people to value their meat, re introduces rituals surrounding food, quality of taste, some of the aspects which have been lost through our consumerist lifestyles.

The project starts with the Field; a mobile abattoir on a train which travels to rural stops, whilst the train is stationary the slaughters take place. The cows travel on-hoof to the rural stops located no more than 25km from the farms. Whilst the train travels back to Colombes the carcasses are inspected. Once reaching the station the meat then goes through various processes of preservation, butchering and cooking before reaching the Fork.

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